Wednesday , December 19 2018

Are you doing the course of your ability and desire or have you just succumbed to your relatives or friends course desires?

africanA lot of people today are doing courses simply because their parents suggested for them or want to follow their parents and friends career path.

They end up studying what they don’t like only to regret later in life when it’s too late.
But each one of us has a particular Talent and Gift. When expressed or exercised, it helps one to discover his strengths and abilities thus enabling one to make a great contribution making the world a better place.
It is common to find in Africa many high school leavers very confused about their careers and only think that grades will determine. So they wait for results of examinations with so much of anxiety and when the results are out, they seek the guidance of teachers, parents or friends who have completely no idea about their unique abilities.
Can you imagine someone who scores all straight As and is a gifted musician, who is already performing and earning for it?

Who will accept that he/she pursues a degree in music instead of medicine or engineering in Africa?
Your bet is better than ours… no one will listen to “this crap of music” yet he/she has top grades… The talent may die over the years of studying medicine or engineering …. Others may complete the medicine or engineering degree and present the certificates to the parents but quickly move on to the career of their natural talent….
Unfortunately, it will be late and already costly…

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