Wednesday , December 19 2018

Are you tired of cramming and recalling huge chunks of lecturer’s notes? Are you aware of practical-project based education that will connect the classroom and organizations and ensure that your 3 years of learning is not judged by your failure in a 2-hour written examination?

FailingReportCardIf you studied in any Kenyan university or even basic school, then you must be aware of “MWAKENYA”; a concept in which students conspire to cheat in the final examinations since degree is an outcome on a combined effort hidden answer scripts in the examination rooms.

The practice is repeatedly carried all over African Colleges and Universities and perhaps the trend is spreading across the globe.

It is obvious that cramming of notes undermine the general critical thinking since students only absorb volume of informational material in short amount of time purposely to pass exams.

Being unable to cram or memorise is a natural occurrence which defines your learning and assessment style. There are people who are intelligent but are unable to write . Assessing them through traditional written examinations always produces low or no result yet they remain creative and are the ones who are fixing daily problems.
Project based or Non-Verbal Assessments provide a huge relief as an alternative to the rigid written examinations based on how much you could memorise.

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