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How Gift and Talent Assessment is done

There are “Standard and Ad­vanced” test kits used to find out the ‘symptoms’ then pre­liminary tests are taken before making ‘confirmatory’ tests.

The confirmatory tests are completed through a Gift and Talent Test aided machine; a biometric machine that uses safe white light (not an x-ray machine) and used to produce Neural Body Models used by experts to confirm talents.

Steps in Gift and Talent Testing

First of all, find a centre for Gift and Talent Test near you. Today Gift and Talent Test can be done remotely, thanks to the new “microchip” installed in special computers enabling it to seamlessly communicate with headquarters, hence geographical location does not matter.

Step 1: Oral Screening

Involves verbal chats to excite neutral domains and provide experts with “Inception Delimiters” of talent.

Step 2: Software Screening

Special Software with psycho – questions and evaluation tools to improve and confirm Step 1 Values

Step 3: Machine Screening

Biometric Machine Confirmatory Assessment to provide “body model” with “neutral channels” and bring “diametrics”.

Step 4: Expert Evaluation Reporting

Experts receive details of Step 1, 2, 3 and evaluate professionally and write reports detailing Learning Ability, Learning Products, Assessment Styles, with further useful recommendations as talent and related potential gifts and career forecasts.

Step 5: Learning Prescription

A Learning Prescription is further produced for the candidate and this is used by educators to support the learning of the candidate with a bias to Talent Development and Career Fulfillment.

Step 6: Admission and Support

Finally the candidate is registered for recommended programmes as per the prescription in step 5 above.

How long does it take to do a Gift and Talent Assessment?

It takes 30-40 minutes and results (reports) out within 24-48 hours

How much does it cost to be assessed for Gifts and Talents?

Members = USD 60

Non-Members = USD 110

CLICK HERE To book for a Gift and Talent Assessment.


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