Wednesday , December 19 2018

Do you need an education system or a degree certificate that enables you tarmac for years before you give up to roast maize for lack of jobs?

graduateThe rate of unemployment in the world is ever on the increase everyday. Graduates tarmac for many years until they give up to take manual jobs that pays them peanuts yet they are proud holders of university degrees.

The unemployment in Kenya for instance stands at 40% and out of this population, 70% are youths.

According to a report published by International Journal of Social Science, universities are producing graduates lacking appropriate skills and knowledge needed in work place.

While many graduates excel in reading, writing, and arithmetic competence stressed in institutions, they don’t have social skills, critical thinking, communication and language skills to progress their careers.

The GATES Talent Based Learning has taken a path of producing the job creator rather than job seekers

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