Friday , August 17 2018

Gates Education Group expands horizon in East Africa

flagsIts now official, Gates Education Group is continually expanding its territories from Kenya to entire East Africa.

The institution accredited with Talent Based Learning is now admitting students from far as Southern Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The aim is assessing and admitting students to learn an education system based on their talent and work experience.

Speaking during the recent Gates Education Group graduation, Dr. Rebecca Garang, the wife of the late South Sudan leader John Garang thanked the institution for coming forward to give what other institutions have failed to put into consideration.

“I want to thank Gates Education Group for its commitment in nurturing talents. We need you now to come to Southern Sudan. The people of Southern Sudan want education. Please reach them and help them realize their potential.” She said.

It doesn’t end at admitting students and enrolling them but the institution has partnered with international universities which offers chances for Gates Education Group students to pursue further education to PHD level. Lucky students also get a chance to study under scholarship programmes.

With Gates Education Group courses, Life and work experience or natural intelligence allows you to join for a degree progamme which is tailored and flexible to enable one finish faster with credit transfers to a university of your choice guaranteed.East-Africa-Map

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  1. Titus Wabwire Kizito

    Hello. I’m a retired military officer.. I retired in 2003 after serving for twenty four yours. I trained in Britain in Terrorism Prevention for seven months back in 1989/1990 a certificate course. My education is Advanced level. can I get a University degree with my experience or what should do to get a degree? Am sixty years of age. Kindly assist.

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