Wednesday , December 19 2018

Gates Education Group, the institution credited with talent and gift testing has finally hit the road by acquiring a TV license in Kenya.

digital tv 2The television will mainly feature on people who rake a living from their talent and what they are most gifted to do. They range from musicians, comedians, dancers, actors, and acrobats,  among others.

The Ministry of Information and Technology under Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) compelled all broadcasters start apply new license and air 40% of local content by end of 2015. This is a strategy aimed at promoting local filmmakers and actors and by 2018, the content is presumed to reach 60%.

According to the CA, media houses have been slow in increasing the broadcasting of local content due to lack of specific regulations which will now feature in the new license. For many years, local channels have been known to entertain Kenyan with Mexico reject soap operas.

The TALENT TV comes at a good time to uplift those groups of people who might not be academically endowed but they possess special talents which have not been showcased or full utilized.



With the television to be launched Gates Education Group is planning to open other faculties like Film School and Mass Communications to tap the talented youths around the country who have been locked from unleashing their potential.

Kenya is known to produce good actors and movies that have featured in Hollywood and on international screens. Kenyan actress Lupita Nyongo worn the Best Supporting Actress Oscar award for the movie “12 Years a Slave”. While the movie Nairobi Half Life won an Oscar award for Best Foreign Language Film in tv

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  1. kindly are you offering jobs for media?
    is it just training?

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