Wednesday , December 19 2018

KENYAN great musician graduates with a degree based on talent from Gates Education Group

harry 1A fine voice, an excellent guitarist and passionate composer is the best way to describe Harry Kimani an award winning Kenyan Musician and composer. He is an artist who grew up with music, teaching himself to play the guitar by watching an older brother perform.

He has been in the music industry for more than ten years and he has proven an artist with the greatest potential in the region. Kimani’s musical style has been described as Afro Soul and a little bit of rumba and “R&B.” He sings in three languages–English, Kikuyu and Kiswahili and his lyrics address the issues of everyday life and society.

This superstar musician has already become a leader of his own style. Harry Kimani can be described as East Africa’s version of John Mayer, his soulful vocals and universal message of love and triumph have already shown an appeal to a greater audience than most Albums from Kenya.
Harry Kimani has five albums to his name, African Woman which is unreleased 2001, Unborn 2004, Tuishi Mi Nawe 2007, Children of the Universe 2008, and The Quest which was released in2009.

harry2Harry has had various achievements as an artist and has had various nominations and won different awards around the region like.
• 2005 Kisima Music Awards for Best Song of the year.
• 2005 Kisima Music Awards for Best Music Video of the year among others.

The musician is an alumnus of Gates Education Group having enrolled to study a degree course purely related to his talent. at Gates Education Group, He is a hero and due to his sterling performance, he has entered Gates Education Group Hall of Fame.

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