Wednesday , December 19 2018

16-year-old self-taught engineer lights up village, invents radio station

kelvinKelvin Doe 16-year-old from Sierra Leone is a world known engineer whiz. His inventions have made him the youngest person in history to be invited at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he is teaching students older than him.

The poor boy from one of Sierra Leone villages at age 13 he created batteries and generators using materials from dustbins. Since he came from a poor village without electricity, Kelvin invented a small generator solving the problem by lighting up the entire village.

Kelvin Doe, who has recently signed $100,000 solar project pact with Canadian High Speed Service Provide WIFIZ said his dream is to be like 1839 French Physicist Antoine-Cesar Becquerel, who is credited for inventing solar power in the world.

The youngest of 5 siblings has no formal engineering training but he is the youngest person to be awarded the country’s prestigious Presidential Medal for his amazing stellar performance.

The Clinton family recognized his effort of inventing things from totally nothing.

The boy has made his own FM radio transmitter and a radio station.
Doe has made it big. At his young age, he is the resident practitioner with the International Development Initiative at MIT and a guest presenter at Harvard School of Engineering. When he graduates, the boy has promised to go back to his country and give back to his community.

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