Tuesday , July 17 2018

Who can explain why this boy can read without seeing?


People couldn’t believe him and he was asked to put on his blindfold to sort out pegs according to their color in a local a TV channel. Even the audience was amazed with his unique ability. Was the boy a magician? Was he possessing divine powers? Can he see tonight without electricity? Questions without answers were fielded and of course with usual negatives of “he must be seeing somehow”.
To confuse him for trial, the TV panel accompanying him (lead by Kenya’s TV anchor Larry Madowo) took and mixed up pegs and told him to rearrange them according to same group colors while blindfolding him personally to ensure he is not seeing. To their astonishment, the young boy could rearrange them according their respective color in groups of yellow, red and white, identifying the mix-ups. Then, Ryan was tested to identify the color and numbers of poker cards shown to him and indeed he was able to name them being blindfolded.

Ryan has done this in churches, schools, comedy shows (e.g Churchil Live in Kenya) and people have tried all they can to prove that he is lying.

But it couldn’t have been better when he visited State House Nairobi to meet the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. He was given different objects to identify while blindfolded and to the amazement of the First Lady the boy easily and quickly identified the objects.

Keener to prove a point the First Lady decided to use her own method. She took her own bible and opened a page randomly.

Still being blindfolded, First Lady gave him the page in the Bible to read and to her amazement; the boy read the verses loud and clear.
Scientists were left wondering and guessing for answers. “We all know that no one can read without seeing”, were the words of Prof. Humphrey Oborah who discovered Ryans unique ability According to Professor Oborah (The President of The African Federation for the Gifted and Talented) , Ryan has high levels of premonitions and can strangely remember things in the past with amazing power of mental recall while equally having strong ability to forecast the future. He summarized the boy’s ability as “possible geo-spatial talent that needs further assessment”, and “which should not be ignored just because we are comfortable in what we have always known”

Ryan’s mother explained how she discovered the unique talent and decided to enroll the boy into a brain activation programme and later assessment for gifts and talents.

The most important question now is: Should such a child go through our normal education system where he will cram notes and wait to sit for traditional examinations?

Is it possible to enable him achieve based on his talent?

That’s exactly what GATES Education’s Talent Based Learning (through Federation for Gifted and Talented) is doin and young Ryan is set to learn at his pace having already been placed in accelerated learning. He is expected to complete a degree soon and there are two universities (USA and Israel) interested in his early enrollment after he completes the Talent Incubation Porgramme at GATES Education Group. 


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