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Step 1:

Submit C.V or have an oral discussion with our staff.

Step 2:

Details submitted into special software which does evaluation of Work and Life Experience

Step 3:

Report is produced and interpreted by experts and shared with candidate.

Step 4:

Course determined directly or through inherent Gifts and Talents (Unearthed during evaluation of Work and Life Experience in step 2 above).

Step 5:

Accreditation and Credit Transfer takes place based on the Report in step 3 above.

Step 6:

Student admitted at “Advanced Standing” which maybe:

  1. Recommended Modules plus Dissertation = Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral Degree, depending on background.
  2. Direct transfer through dissertation = Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree depending on background.

How long does it take to do a Gift and Talent Assessment?

It takes 30-40 minutes and results (reports) out within 24-48 hours

How much does it cost to be assessed for Gifts and Talents?

Members = USD 100

Non-Members = USD 200

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  1. Hi,Need to pursue a doctorate program.Am a lecturer.Have a M.A in Anthropology but my under graduate grades over 30 years ago are just a pass and this plus the cost of the reguler enrolment is prohibitive.My interest is community work and adult education and would like to write my thesis on topics that relate to that.Does your institution deal with such cases and at what cost please?After attaining a doctorate with you,shall it be recognized in public or private institutions?

  2. David Kamau Njoroge

    I would like to pursue a masters programme. I am a procurement specialist/consultant with fifteen years experience. I have worked in donor funded projects especially world Bank in the region(Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan). I had been registered for Masters Programme with University of Liverpool online programme(Operations and supply chain management). I hold a professional diploma from Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply UK which is recognized by Qualifications Curriculum Association(QCA) as an equivalent to Bachelors First Degree.
    Please confirm whether the Masters degrees awarded under your programmes will be recognized by CUE.

  3. Moses Choge Chesire

    I am very much interested in pursuing a Masters degree with you institution. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and a work experience from 1995 to date- ie 22years of work experience. I am a banker. I have done several short courses as well as Baking examinations.

    Kindly advice me …


  4. HI,am a retired banker with 30 years experience in both management and internal audit, While in the bank i did many short courses and i also have a degree in banking ,diploma in International trade, certificates in banking and economics. I would wish to be assessed for an MA economics degree, please advise.

  5. I have a brother who scored a c plain in his kcse and cannot really figure out what he wants to do. can you be of help to him ?? how do we go about it??

  6. For more information on Gift and talent assessment please contact us 0731333725/0788193427. Please also let us your email and telephone contacts.

  7. I have a son now 9, class 4 who is highly talented but not doing well on books, academics…do u asses kids, what are fees like. What are costs of fees at Gates like….

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