Wednesday , December 19 2018

Would you like to sell your land or cattle for your child’s education only for him or her to re-join you in daily struggles, in the same ‘mabati’ house?

zebuThe good old days when graduates had choice jobs waiting for them upon their graduation has become history. In those days, it was pride to be called a graduate.
Today graduates are found doing odd jobs presumed to be done by the less educated. Many are loitering and drinking cheap liquor, wasting their talents in the villages that hold fund raising in support for their school fees!

Parents have given everything for education. Selling land, livestock and any form of wealth they possess to pay for their children school fees hoping they will gain later when their children finish school and secure good jobs. That rarely happens.
Where is the problem? According to recent research, it has also emerged that universities are producing unqualified graduates causing skills mismatch in the labor industry hence the high rate of unemployment.

Education should be a continuous empowering process that allows and guides students to develop their passion and progress on critical thinking.

Education must lift us from poverty as once the late statesman, President Nelson Mandela said, ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’
If you are longing for that change, join Gates Education Group today, explore our faculties and choose a course that can support your talent area.
Gates Education Group provides Talent Based Learning and not Academic Learning. The institution promotes methods that meet the needs of a huge number of students and adults with inborn but ignored potential.

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  1. This great.found info from daily newspapers.Am very interested to join.

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